Croissants for Special Occasions
Give the gift of croissants.  Summit Croissants will hand
deliver the flavor of your choice in a long-stemmed rose
box as a special gift from you.
Every gift order will be
packaged in a long-stemmed
rose box and hand delivered
by Summit Croissants.
To place a gift order, fill out the form below and then click on the submit
button or call (330)714-7975.
Choose from:
6 Filled Croissants - $32.00
All prices include delivery within a 10 mile radius of downtown Akron.
Filled croissant flavors include apple, strawberry & cream cheese, mixed berry, cinnamon
swirl (plain or w/pecans), blueberry w/almond cream, almond, chocolate,
chocolate/hazelnut or chocolate/almond.  Choose up to 2 flavors per box.  Your gift will
include 3 croissants of each flavor.
Purchaser Information:
First Name
Last Name
Zip Code
Phone Number:
(I may need to contact you
regarding your order.  Please
enter a phone number where I
can contact you and it won't
spoil the surprise.)
Email Address
(This is where I will send an order confirmation.  If
you do not have an email address, I will call the
above telephone number with your confirmation.)
Attn:  There must be someone
at the delivery address to
accept the gift box at the
delivery time requested.    No
deliveries will be left outside
unattended.  Critters love to
eat croissants too!
Recipient Information:
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Delivery Address
Zip Code
Business Name (if delivery is to a business)
Order Information:
72 hours notice is required for all orders.  If
you need an order delivered sooner then that,
please do not continue with this form and call
(330)714-7975 to see if an expedited order can
be arranged.
Date of Delivery
Time of Delivery
Option #1 - 6 Plain Croissants $25.00
Option #2 - 3 Plain & 3 Filled Croissants $28.00 (select 1 flavor for the filled croissants below)
Option #3 - 6 Filled Croissants $32.00 (select 2 flavors for the filled croissants below)
Filled Croissant Flavors
Strawberry & Cream Cheese
Mixed Berry
Blueberry w/Almond Cream
Cinnamon Swirl
Cinnamon Swirl w/Pecans
Enclosure Card  (Please include what you
would like written on the enclosure card.)
Method of Payment:
Sending Check
Make check payable to Summit Croissants
and mail to:  
2291 10th St. SW, Akron,
OH  44314
Pay online with credit card - Preferred Method
Comments:  (Please add any additional
comments about your order here.)
Once you have submitted your order, it
will be reviewed and verified by a
Summit Croissants representative.  
You will receive an email shortly
confirming your order.  If you chose
the "Pay online with a credit card"
option, you will receive an email invoice
with payment instructions.
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6 Plain Croissants - $25.00
3 Filled & 3 Plain Croissants - $28.00